Beth El Livestream

If you are looking for our daily minyan Zoom, click here.

Kabbalat Shabbat Friday night service begins at a different time each week according to the time of sunset. Please check the calendar for the start time for any particular week. Shabbat morning service begins each Saturday at 9 am. Start times for Saturday Mincha and Maariv may also be found on the calendar.

Halachic Viewing Instructions

As a community that deeply values Jewish law and the needs of the moment, following the guidance of the Committee for Law and Standards of Conservative Judaism, we share below the steps one may follow to access the service without touching the computer on Shabbat and the Chaggim (Holidays).

Bring up this webpage before Shabbat and the Chaggim and leave the StreamSpot viewer (above) on overnight. All you have to do is click on the triangle in the middle of the screen to activate the viewer before Shabbat or the holiday begins. If you get an error message, refresh the browser and click again.  On Saturday morning, you will see an image of the bimah until the service begins at 9:00am. The stream will disconnect after Shabbat.

If you are using this method, before Shabbat begins, you will need to set your computer or tablet to “stay awake” over Shabbat:

1. Make sure your device is plugged in, so it doesn’t lose power overnight.

2. Turn off automatic sleep mode, so that you don’t have to wake it up or re-enter a password.

3. For iPad, in Settings, under “Display and Brightness,” set Auto-Lock to “Never.”

4. For PC, see If using Windows 10, the final step in this process is to select “None” under Screen Saver. You will also need to go to Power and Sleep in the settings and set Screen and Sleep to turn off after “Never.”

5. For Mac, in Control Panel, under “Desktop and Screen Saver,” change “Start After” to “Never.”