Mental Health Initiative

Borne of a deep understanding that any one of us can be vulnerable to changes in our mental health at any stage of life, we seek to educate, support and normalize conversation with and about those who are coping with mental illness and their loved ones.

To that end, Beth El’s mental health initiative has four components:

  1. Peer Support/Supportive Listeners – A trained a group of adults who have themselves (or within their families) experienced some form of mental health issue and have volunteered to be present for others experiencing similar adversity. They offer supportive listening, not professional advice or guidance. They are available by referral at the discretion of the clergy.
  2. Programming – We offer programming throughout the year on various topics related to mental health and wellness to educate the community and to normalize dialogue on mental health.
  3. Mental Health and Medical Professionals Resources – A catalog of community mental health resources to help facilitate access to care.
  4. Support Groups – With particular regard to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Initiative has helped monitor the need for and usage of support groups among the Beth El community.

For more information about Beth El’s Mental Health Initiative, contact Talya Cohen,, Elissa Glickman,, or Ann Zisser, Chairs of the Mental Health Initiative.