The Sylvia & Robert Scher Chesed Community

At Beth El, we believe we have a central commitment and obligation to perform acts of chesed both within and outside of our congregational community. Through our Chesed Community, we hope to make it easier to bring our members together in order to acknowledge the joyful moments in our lives, comfort the sorrowful in meaningful ways, or bring companionship to those who may be lonely. We also hope our efforts to support one another will be a model for the next generation, teaching Beth El’s children about the importance and communal rewards of the mitzvah of caring for others.

Some of the ways we offer support include: driving; holiday preparations and rituals; providing meals to shiva homes; organizing meals for families that have welcomed a new child; and more!

If the Chesed Community can support you or if you would like to volunteer with the Chesed Community, please contact: