Spiritual Practices

Spiritual Practices

At Beth El, we strive to provide many avenues to spirituality. In addition to our traditional services, we offer a number of additional opportunities to cultivate and nurture our spiritual muscles.

Highlights include:

Music Prayer Lab

If you’ve never prayed, this is an opportunity to experience transcendence without words of any kind. If you like to pray, these sessions will enhance and enrich your prayers. This will also be an opportunity to enlarge our prayer team by supporting people who like singing to learn new melodies, harmonies, and skills which will enliven our services.

Kavannah: Mindfulness and Contemplation

Once a month, our clergy offer an hour of mindfulness, meditation, intentional study, silence, singing, and prayer. Kavannah begins at 11am.

Singing as a Spiritual Practice

Our ongoing exploration of singing and new niggunim, wordless melodies, as a way of touching the deepest recesses of our souls. No special skills or talents are required.

Check the calendar for updated dates and times.