B’nei Mitzvah

B’nei Mitzvah

Mazal tov! Becoming b’nei mitzvah is a sacred journey that starts before and extends long after the day of your simcha (celebration). This lifecycle moment can be a transformative experience for your entire family. At Beth El, this journey is grounded in three core pillars of Jewish life and identity:

  • Torah: a lifelong exploration of Jewish study and Jewish literacy
  • Avodah: a meaningful relationship to prayer, spirituality, and community
  • Gemilut Chasadim: a grounded commitment to a life filled with acts of kindness and compassion

Through these pillars, we aim to integrate our b’nei mitzvah students and their families into the community as they re-evaluate and re-engage with these fundamental components of their family’s Jewish identity.


While in many ways, this journey to becoming b’nei mitzvah begins at birth, at Beth El, we formally begin in fourth grade when we celebrate as our students are assigned a parasha (Torah portion) and date for this simcha. Our b’nei mitzvah program also includes experiential family programs in sixth grade, ten months of one-on-one tutoring, and individual meetings with our clergy. Our clergy and educators are here to support you and your family throughout this process. Our goal is for every child to feel proud of themselves as they are called to the Torah and we will work together to develop an individualized plan that will get them there.

For more information, please contact Rabbi Zach Sitkin at zsitkin@bethelnr.org.

Celebrating at Beth El

Celebrating children becoming b’nei mitzvah is a sacred experience for the entire community as we affirm this child’s place at Beth El and as part of the Jewish people. Beth El has a long-standing custom of b’nei mitzvah families sponsoring kiddush lunch for the community as a way to share this special moment. Please contact Stephanie Lederman at slederman@bethelnr.org or 914-235-2700, ext. 246 for more information on catering options at Beth El.

We also invite you to explore our space rental offerings if you would like to celebrate your simcha at Beth El.