Shoresh Halev Center for Jewish Music at Beth El

Shoresh Halev Center for Jewish Music at Beth El

The Shoresh Halev Center for Jewish Music at Beth El fulfills a central mission of the synagogue to use music as a foundation for ritual and secular communal life. The goal of the Center is to infuse music into every aspect of synagogue life, including all demographics such as toddlers, nursery, school-age students, young families, and empty-nesters.

This exciting music initiative was launched in the spring of 2021, and plays a fundamental role in shaping religious services as well as wide-ranging cultural events and activities. Shoresh Halev Center for Jewish Music at Beth El aims to integrate music into the Beth El community and to position Beth El Synagogue Center as a hub for musicians and artists who are part of the current renaissance of Jewish music, nationally and internationally. 

In addition, Shoresh Halev Center for Jewish Music supports emerging Jewish artists; provides opportunities for established artists and composers of new Jewish music to serve as scholars and artists in residence; hosts concerts, symposia, workshops and conferences; and fosters dialogue and events with other religious communities in the region.

“For many years, music has been central to our mission,” states Rabbi David Schuck. “We are extremely proud of this initiative and believe that this exciting music program reflects our core values. Music serves as a spiritual practice, allowing people to experience personal and communal sacred time. It brings us together and touches our hearts like nothing else can. Shoresh Halev will have a tremendous impact in our synagogue and we believe that it will be a vehicle to strengthen the larger Southern Westchester Jewish community as well.”

Shoresh Halev Center for Jewish Music is funded by The Shoresh Halev Fund, which was established through a generous grant by Carla and Laurence Stein, in memory of Laurence’s parents, Morrie and Ruth Stein, of blessed memory, and Carla’s father, Raphael Kruss, of blessed memory, and in honor of Carla’s mother, Joyce Kruss.  Although Beth El Synagogue Center provides ancillary support to the activities of Shoresh Halev Center for Jewish Music, primary funding comes from the Shoresh Halev Fund, and donations to the Fund are encouraged. To donate to the Shoresh Halev Fund, click here.

Shoresh Halev Center for Jewish Music at Beth El is led by Jack Klebanow, Music Director, who has served as Music Director at Beth El since 2017. As Music Director, Jack is responsible for mapping out the strategy for achieving the Center’s vision. 

For more information, email Jack Klebanow at

One featured series of Shoresh Halev Center for Jewish Music is Shirei Neshama, Songs of Sacred Time, presenting world premiere performances of new music around Jewish holidays. For this project, we invite guest artists to join our community around Jewish holidays throughout the year and commission them to create new music reflective of the holiday. During their residency at Beth El, they premiere the new song inspired by the holiday. We then produce a documentary music video of the new work, as well as  “The Back Story,” a video interview with the artist conducted by Rabbi David Schuck.  We distribute the videos to the community, to any event sponsors, and more widely across the region, country and world, using web-based social media platforms. This multi-year project aims to create a musical luach, a Jewish calendar created from new music. To date, we have had a new Yom Ha’atzmaut work created by the renowned Israeli spiritual community, Nava Tehila;  we premiered a new melody for Ein Kamocha, by Rabbi Josh Warshawsky; we celebrated the release of a new song based on the Al Hanisim Hanukkah prayer by Chazan Basya Schechter; and debuted a new version of Dayenu by Dr. Galeet Dardashti. Click on the videos shown below!

Shoresh Halev Center for Jewish Music at Beth El is thrilled to announce the launch of Beth El’s new children’s choir, Shiratenu.   

There is nothing better than children singing with their friends, singing songs they love, and having a wonderful time, as part of a harmony-filled community!  In Shiratenu, Beth El children from grades 1-6 all come together in song.  

Children who participate in Shiratenu master basic choral singing skills, and learn cooperation and teamwork. With a diverse repertoire of songs in English, Hebrew, Yiddish, Ladino and other languages, Shiratenu performs at synagogue and community events throughout the year. Featuring the new, multi-colored Shiratenu choir shirt, the choir has generated tremendous enthusiasm throughout the youth community. 

Check here to see what favorite music artists and tracks we’re listening to these days. Do you have a favorite Jewish or Israeli artist, or would you like to post what you’re listening to these days? Email us at and we’ll post your favorite!

On the first Friday of each month, at 6pm, we have a special Kabbalat Shabbat Service featuring spirited communal singing, enhanced by our new Beth El Prayer Team. The Prayer Team consists of enthusiastic congregants who wish to lift up the services with wonderful music. No auditions, no tests!  Only requirement is an open heart. If you like to sing, join us at any point during the year! 

To prepare for First Fridays, the Prayer Team rehearses on the Wednesday evening of that week. We prepare special melodies and harmonies in advance of Shabbat. We also distribute recordings and sheet music, so even if you can’t come to rehearsals, you’ll still have an opportunity to learn any new music and join us on Shabbat! 

Here is the schedule of First Fridays for the remainder of the year: 

January 5, 2024

February 2, 2024

March 1, 2024

April 5, 2024

June 7, 2024


We are very excited to build our Prayer Team around these First Fridays and look forward to singing together! Your commitment to being present at these First Fridays is so important, and gives us an opportunity to build a vibrant singing and prayerful community.

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