Beth El Israel Mission Trip

Many in the Beth El community have wondered how they can best support Israel during the ongoing crisis and deliver help where it’s needed the most. In addition to giving financial support, some have also expressed interest in providing more hands-on help, by giving to Israel – in Israel. In response, the Israel 360 Committee, in consultation with the clergy, is planning a Beth El Volunteer Mission to Israel from January 22-25, 2024. Kenes Tours, the operator of UJA’s and JNF’s wonderful missions to Israel, will be handling our trip. The itinerary, cost and further details can be found here. It’s less than 40 days to the scheduled trip, so we need to finalize committed participants quickly.

Every person who has visited Israel since October 7th has commented how each Israeli they met expressed deep gratitude for them coming and being there to show their support.  If you are able to roll up your sleeves and help our brothers and sisters in Israel, we would love for you to join us!