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Direct access to the the streaming link can be found here: Please be aware that technology is not foolproof. If the links above are not functional, we will post information here on how to access a backup stream.

Once the video is running, you can make it full screen by clicking the arrows in the lower right corner.  Please note that the video runs continuously. You cannot rewind it.

**Technology Disclaimer:  We have gone to great lengths to offer a holiday-friendly virtual option that will allow you to watch throughout the holiday without needing to touch your computer/tv, etc. We have tested the system many times and we are hopeful that this solution will work. However, technology is sometimes tricky and we can not guarantee that there will not be instances in which your computer needs to be refreshed. If you see moving boxes on the screen, and there is no break in the schedule, the first response is to simply wait a moment and see if the livestream continues.  If it does not, and if you are comfortable, press refresh and that should resolve the problem.

We recommend that you test your computer and television settings before the holiday.  The stream will begin running a few hours before the holiday begins, so you can configure your computer accordingly.  Information regarding how to optimize your viewing experience is available here.

For those who wish to avoid clicking on the link during the holiday, the stream will begin before sunset and will automatically turn on and off throughout the holiday according to the viewing schedule.  To take advantage of this option, simply load this page before the holiday begins, disable your screen saver and any other sleep mode, and leave your computer running.

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT LIVESTREAM! IF YOU MISS PART OF THE SERVICE YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO GO BACK. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: This peak into our sanctuary is a livestream. This means that you can not pause the content and start it again at the same spot. Each time you press play, it will bring you to the current point in the service. The service and programming will follow the schedule below. There are no individual links for different pieces of the service, and if you miss content at any time you will not be able to rewind and see it. Please review the schedule carefully and be sure to watch at the times you would like to participate. If you do not want to miss anything, plan to watch the entire day! You won't be disappointed.

Please note: If you have any problems connecting, you may need to refresh this page.


2021 Yom Kippur Virtual Schedule

Kol Nidre

September 15th

1pm:  Mincha

6:45pm:  Evening Service

Yom Kippur

September 16th

9am:  Morning Service

10:45am:  Yizkor Service (approximate time).

You can view and print this year's Yizkor book here.

4:30pm:  Mincha

6:10pm:  Ne'eilah

7:45pm:  Maariv


Thu, September 23 2021 17 Tishrei 5782