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Religious School


Mission Statement:
To be a caring and inclusive community of meaningful and engaging learning
that inspires a thirst for Jewish living and learning

Our 2018-2019 Youth & Family Calendar




  • Provide dynamic Jewish experiences using exciting, innovative & engaging methodology 
  • Explore meaningful and relevant content with an emphasis on skill building and Jewish literacy
  • Encourage a personal connection to Israel and a commitment to Judaism that will play a central role in their adult lives
  • To make Beth El a “second home” by instilling a sense of belonging to our community and the Jewish people

Core Values 

  • Every Jew is a link in the chain of Jewish continuity.
  • Jewish identity is to be appreciated and celebrated.
  • The family and home are central in every child’s Jewish education.
  • Every learner deserves to have his/her personal needs met.
  • Torah, spirituality, ethics, and prayer provide a compass for living life.



Fall 2018 Middle School Newsletter

December 2018 Middle School Newsletter

February 2019 Middle School Newsletter


Dismissal Updates:


Below you will find an image of the dismissal route. Please look it over and ask any questions you may have. Please note that for the 30 minutes of dismissal, the first entrance and exit on Northfield Road are reversed (the red arrow is our typical traffic pattern, which we will NOT be using for this 30 minute period). Reminder that Grades 1 and 2 are dismissed at 5:50 pm and Grades 3-7 are dismissed at 6:00 pm. If you have a child in Grades 3-7, even if you also are picking someone up in Grades 1 and 2, please arrive at 6:00 pm so that those who only have a child in Grades 1 and 2 can be at the front of the line. This will ensure a quicker dismissal procedure, which will benefit all of us!


Meet our Religious School Educators!

Bekkah Gold, Interim Director of Youth and Family Engagement

Stephanie Lederman, Youth and Family Coordinator


Becca Behar, Learner Support Team Leader

Miri Ben-Avi, Hebrew Specialist (Kitah Dalet, Kitah Hey, Middle School)

Judy Berger, Learning Specialist

Sam Blustin, Rabbinic Intern & Tefillah Educator

Batell Damari, Kitah Gimel Educator (3rd grade)

Sigal Fanning, Middle School Educator (6th/7th grade, Sundays)

Elana Ginsburg, Kitah Alef Educator (1st grade)

Laurie Griffel, Kitah Dalet Educator (4th grade)

Emily Herzfeld, Gan (Kindergarten) and Learning Specialist

Jack Klebanow, Music Director & Tefillah Educator

Debbie Mayer, Kitah Dalet Co-Educator (Thursdays)

Kayla Reisman, Kitah Hey Educator (5th grade)

Beth Rosen, Art Specialist

Adina Roth, Kitah Dalet Co-Educator (Sundays)

Angelica Schanzer, Kitah Bet Educator (2nd grade)

Rabbi Zach Sitkin, Middle School Educator (6th/7th grade, Thursdays)

Rebecca Skolnick, Hebrew Specialist (Kitah Alef, Kitah Bet, Kitah Gimel) & Moadon Leader

Andrew Van Bochove, 8th Grade Educator/Tefillah Educator/Teen Educator

Charlotte Yudin, Kitah Alef Educator (1st grade)

Ann Zisser, Middle School Educator (6th/7th grade, Sundays)


Assistant Educators:  Sophia Boscia, Michela Keenan, Emily Patchen, Sedona Paykin, Abby Price, Amanda Samet, Ilana Shechter



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For additional information, please call Bekkah Gold in the Office of Youth and Family Engagement at (914) 235-2700, ext. 221, or email her at

Thu, June 27 2019 24 Sivan 5779