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Life Cycle Events

Judaism is a religion and a path that teaches us how to enrich each moment of our lives so that they will be worthwhile and meaningful. In addition to its focus on everyday matters, Judaism also recognizes how certain passages in our lives stand out as peak moments that demand a particular level of kedusha, of holiness. These life cycle events can be likened to chapter headings, and they often bring with them monumental changes. Jewish ritual has mastered how to help us to negotiate those changes, whether they are accompanied by joy or sorrow.

Beth El’s clergy–its klei kodesh, are available to help you and your family with these changes, whether it is as joyous as a birth or a marriage, or as fraught with difficulty as the loss of a loved one. Please don’t hesitate to contact us—we want to be of help.

Fri, March 24 2023 2 Nisan 5783