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Cemetery Plots

Beth El Synagogue owns plots in two cemeteries in Westchester: Mount Eden in Hawthorne and Sharon Gardens in Valhalla.

If you are interested in purchasing a plot, please contact:

Available to Beth El members in good standing only.

Cemetery and Funeral Policies

As a reminder, cemetery plots are only for sale to members in good standing. To purchase cemetery plots please contact Mia Mandel, 914- 235-2700, ext. 225 or

Funerals may take place at Beth El Synagogue Center if the deceased is a member in good standing of Beth El. There is a fee of $1000. The following three funeral homes are the only approved funeral homes that can operate a funeral service at Beth El: Plaza Jewish Community Chapel (NYC), Riverside Memorial Chapel (Mt. Vernon), Weinstein Memorial Chapel (Yonkers).

If you have questions about end of life planning, our clergy are available to speak with you. If you HAVE questions about THE logistics of having a funeral at Beth El, please contact  Mia Mandel, 914-235-2700, ext. 225 or


Mount Eden Cemetery

Mount Eden Cemetery is located at 20 Commerce Street in Hawthorne, New York.

The cemetery has been sought as a final resting place of rare beauty and tranquillity for over sixty years . It has served families in Westchester County, New York City and the greater metropolitan area since its inception. Here a rolling sweep of pastoral countryside is a place of eternal rest, mellowed by time, where continued beautification can be found.

Mount Eden is located in the gently rolling foothills of Westchester County overlooking the peaceful Bronx River Valley. 

The serenely rural setting so near the bustling cities of the tri-state area makes its selection for a tranquil resting place not only beautiful but practical. The cemetery has ample lush acreage from which to select a site. It is possible to choose from single graves to multiple grave family plots as suits your family planning.

Today, we tend to look to the future and plan ahead. It is wise to make your selection of a final resting place in a leisurely and unstressful situation. It is a supreme kindness to spare loved ones the added burden of this decision when the events demand hurried action under the strain of a deeply emotional time. When you visit Mt. Eden Cemetery you will see its exquisite park-like setting, its convenient location, with facilities that assure continued care and a lasting tribute to loved ones. By making your selection prior to need, you will have the opportunity to make a selection alone or with your family. This allows you to have a harmonious decision reached by you and your loved ones. For directions, please call (914) 769-0603.


Sharon Gardens

Sharon Gardens is located at 273 Lakeview Avenue in Valhalla, New York. The cemetery has been serving Jewish families and synagogues of the tri-state area since 1953. A division of The Kensico Cemetery, Sharon Gardens is considered to be one of the most beautiful and modern cemeteries for families of the Jewish faith.

Its rural setting on seventy six acres in the Bronx River Valley and the surrounding Westchester foothills provides a serene and peaceful resting place in contrast to many urban cemeteries.

Sharon Gardens has been planned carefully to provide for single, double, four grave lots and family lots. Wide roads and paths give lot owners and visitors easy access to all lots.

Sharon Gardens offers the following to their lot owners:

• large selection of memorial property, regardless of budget

• before-need purchase plans with installment features

• experienced and helpful staff available every day

• meticulously cared-for grounds in a parklike setting for year-round natural beauty

• complimentary transportation to and from the train station

• secure financial position to ensure lasting care of the grounds and monuments

• supplementary plant care and ground treatment options to enhance the attractiveness of the memorial property

Sharon Gardens is patrolled by security vehicles during non-visiting hours.

For directions, please call 1-888-536-7426.

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