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Online Links for Passover

While you are home, here are some websites and other material to look through and have fun with Passover!

A note from the Bible Players:

This Passover we want you to have a laugh with your families even though a lot of us are feeling crumb-y. Below are some great resources we've made for Passover and beyond. And make sure to join us this Sunday, and every Sunday, for a "Live and Inside" show online at 1 PM (EDT) on Zoom! New stories and games every week.

1. Hard-Hearted Pharaoh - Andrew teaches an improv game for Passover to remind us to lighten our hearts.
2. Exodus and Dogs - Aaron introduces us to his dog Sophie, and tells us about dogs in the story of Exodus.
3. Moses and the Bush - The Bible Players perform this classic story about Moses understanding the importance of his Kehillah/Community.
4. Mr. Lee's Neighborhood - Lee shares a song about gratitude even during these challenging times.

Sat, June 19 2021 9 Tammuz 5781