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Upcoming Virtual Programs - Links Updated At Least 15 Minutes Prior To Each Event!(Past events are at the bottom of this page!)

To access an event online, click the event below. If you want to call-in instead, dial +1 929 436 2866 and use the last nine digits of the URL for your meeting ID.

Mishnah Yomit

Now that there is not minyan, we have created an alternative for those among us saying kaddish. There is a custom during the 12 months of mourning, or on a yahrzeit, to learn Mishnah in the memory of the deceased. The letters of the word Mishnah (mem-shin-nun-heh) when rearranged spell the word neshamah (nun-shin-mem-heh), soul. Therefore, we learn Mishnah to elevate the souls of those we wish to remember. Over the next few weeks, we will offer the opportunity for a twice-daily, 10-minute Mishnah study with Rabbis Schuck and Sitkin (and perhaps even some surprise guest teachers!). We will then have an opportunity to share the names of our loved ones aloud and recite a communal prayer together in their memory.

*Please note that neither Mishnah Yomit session will take place on Shabbat.


Recordings of Past Virtual Events

Sun, April 5 2020 11 Nisan 5780