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Keruv Article: Words from Sinai

05/07/2018 12:52:58 PM


We’ll observe the festival of Shavuot on Sunday and Monday, May 20th and 21st, celebrating the gift given to the nation of Israel at Mount Sinai several thousand years ago.

The gift is, of course, the Torah, which establishes God’s covenant with the people of Israel, a promise God made to Abraham generations earlier.

The message that Moses brings down from the...

Keruv Article: He simply asked the cupbearer, “Why so glum, chum?”

01/07/2018 01:01:17 PM


Last month, well into the story of Joseph, parshah Va-Yeishev described how Pharoah threw Joseph into prison based on allegations fabricated by Pharoah’s wife. Joseph remained in that prison cell for several years, released only when one of his former cellmates, Pharoah’s cupbearer, explained to Pharoah that Joseph had, in prison, prophesied the cupbearer’s future pardon. Pharaoh, agitated about a recent dream and desperate for its...Read more...

Keruv Article: The Company Keruv Keeps

04/07/2017 12:49:25 PM


The Keruv Committee is composed of folks who desire to make Beth El as welcoming and inclusive as we can, within the bounds of Conservative Jewish halacha, financial and other practical constraints, and plain good sense.  We have a formal structure – task forces that focus on intermarriage, special needs and LGBTQ issues – and semi-regular meetings of a beautiful group of people who, in more cases than not, have been bonded to Beth...Read more...

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