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Journey Vision Team

Naomi Adler
Graham Arad
Ellen Arad
Dana Asher
Ronnie Becher
Jessica Berman
Paul Bernstein
Scott Bonci
Rochelle Chaiken
Adam Cooper
Marvin Dubin
Sari Dweck
Erica Epstein
Nate Fisher
Carrie Fox
Lauren Freeman-Bosworth
Amanda Gabel
Elissa Glickman
Lynnette Goldberg
Ellen Gross
Lynn Gruenstein
Ellen Hollander
Kevin Hylton
Rita Kaufman
Ted Keltz
Marc Klee
Shayna Klopott
Rachel Kreuger
Ofri Maliniak
Molly Nozyce

Steve O'Malley
Julie Rockowitz
Rob Scheinfeld
Steve Schwartz
Julia Seiden
Mark Seidenfeld
Ella Shteingart
Mark Silver
Steve Silverman
Rabbi Zach Sitkin
Liat Snyder
Carla Stein
Daniel Urbas
Rami Vamos
Michael Wechsler
Abby Wise
Ben Wulfsohn
Joe Wygoda
Robyn Yairi
Janet Yoskowitz
Lester Zimmerman
Ann Zisser
Bob Zorowitz

Salo Aizenberg
Abe Bartell
Jody Burton
Barbara Cohen
Danielle Feigenbaum
Erica Leventhal
Rabbi David Schuck


12/22/17 -  "...And We're Off" 

"People are yearning for meaning. People want to be heard." This sentiment from one of our Vision Team members summed up our experience at our Vision Team launch earlier this month. 

Over 60 Vision Team members engaged in rich dialogue, addressing, among other things, "who we are," and "who we could be." A wide range of topics were discussed, from what it means to be a "Conservative" synagogue by today's standards (and what will it mean in the future) to how to address the continual rise in Interfaith marriage. We focused on the needs of our youngest to oldest constituents within the context of being one diverse community. 

Now we want to hear from you with your ideas of how to shape our future!  One of the important accomplishments of the Vision Team launch was to articulate the core questions our Journey inquiry must explore. One form of our exploration will be "Listening Forums" -- 2-3 hour forums where you convene the conversations you think are most important to the future of Beth El.  

On Sunday, February 11th (time TBD), we will hold our first "Listening Forum," which will be open to our entire congregation. This will be an opportunity for you to express your hopes and dreams for Beth El. A list of all Listening Forums and events can be found at, which will be updated regularly.

We look forward to seeing and hearing from you over the next few months! Please watch these two short video testimonials below to get a better sense of the Vision Team launch from two fellow congregants. More information will follow on our Journey web page. Please stay connected so we may take this Journey together! Feel free to engage us at this email address (  

Happy New Year!


Journey's Planning Team: Barbara Cohen, Salo Aizenberg, Abe Bartell, Jody Burton, Danielle Feigenbaum, Erica Leventhal
and Rabbi David Schuck

Feedback from our Vision Team Launch

Scenes from the Launch


Discussion and Sensing

Several topics that came up during Vision Team Launch

1.     Importance of Hazzan/music director

2.     Flexibility and size of congregation

3.     Improving, rethinking, re-imagining Saturday morning service

4.      Interfaith couples marriage

5.     Is having a nursery school a value for Beth El?

6.     “Conservative?” What does it mean? Do we need to be a “Conservative” synagogue?

7.     What can Beth El provide to teens, college students, and young adults that they need, want and can’t find elsewhere?

8.     What do we offer seniors?
9.  Relevance for empty nesters
10.  In 2017-2025, what is the place of politics, advocacy and social justice?

11.  Programming for young families

12.  Beth El as a vehicle for non-synagogue Jews to act on their values, social action, community service, etc.

13.  What are elements defining our community?
14.  Are the demographics insurmountable?

15.  What does a synagogue of “connection” look like in an age when connection is different than ever before?

Core Questions Shaping Our Sensing Phase

Fri, March 24 2023 2 Nisan 5783