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Core Questions Shaping our Sensing Phase

  1. Does being a Conservative shul allow us to offer broad range of services to those we desire to serve, regardless of where someone may be on their religious or spiritual journey? What does it mean to be Conservative, given it is a declining movement?
  2. How do we serve all of our demographic, and beyond that, how do we market it outside of those who are “in the community” so others are aware so it is available?
  3. How can we connect people and feed the souls of all people in a world that is taken over by social media and materials?
  4. What feels good? Are we looking for a place where we feel good? If that is the case, is there one universal feel good or are they in segments?
  5. If we transform into multiple ways and disciplines, can we still be a community?
  6. How do we move forward but keep the values and traditions alive? We cannot lose the past.
  7. History of Beth El. What is our story and what is important to us?
  8. What is our purpose, identity and contribution and what does it have to do with being Jewish?
  9. What is our image outside of ourselves? Who are we in the greater Westchester area? What is our reputation?
  10. What are our goals for the future regarding longevity – quantity or quality?
  11. Once we find what this shul stands for, what are the key functions of the synagogue? What are the things we must do, not do but facilitate or build/join a platform with others?
  12. What should Beth El look and feel like, physically?
  13. How do we do all of this new within our existing structure – both physically and financially?
  14. How can we ensure that our transformation will be a true transformation and not just a change and not just enduring?
  15. There are so many choices. What is it we want people to choose in coming to Beth El and coming to Judaism? Why choose to find a community in Judaism and at Beth El?
  16. How can we ensure that all that we do will be infused with a love and respect of Torah, Jewish values and connection to Israel?
  17. How are we being called to be even more inclusive of multi-faith families, LGBTQ members, people of all abilities, people of all racial and ethnic backgrounds?
Mon, May 16 2022 15 Iyyar 5782