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Journey FAQs

Why are going on this Journey?
These are times where loyalty to institutions is greatly diminished and the ways Jews self-identify and make meaning of their Judaism are changing rapidly. People worship differently. People marry differently. To ensure our own future, it is vital that we examine the most fundamental questions about how we can adapt and thrive amidst this shifting landscape.

How will this work?

Everyone in our community will have multiple opportunities to participate in the conversations about the future of our synagogue. Every voice counts. To begin the process, we have assembled a strong yet purposely small Planning Team consisting of Beth El professionals and members from diverse fields who will work behind the scenes to keep our work strategically focused and moving forward. We also formed a Vision Team.

What is the Vision Team, and how was it put together?With the guidance of our Lay Leaders, members, volunteers, and staff, we assembled a broad cross-section of our community and beyond to serve on our Vision Team. The team consists of long-standing members, new families, and everything in-between.  

The Vision Team will play a key role in articulating the future direction of Beth El, which will get translated into “prototypes”—experiments that move us quickly into action toward our desired future, as well as implementation plans. Everyone will be invited into the prototyping process.  Our Board of Directors and professional staff will be involved at key moments at the beginning, middle, and end of the effort.

Will we end up with a plan?

Yes. We are confident that with open-heartedness and generosity, we will navigate this journey together and emerge as a unified community with a clear path toward a vibrant future.

Fri, March 24 2023 2 Nisan 5783