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Welcome to Beth El Day Camp in New Rochelle!

The first. The finest. The most fun day camp for young children in Westchester.

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Beth El Day Camp has been the summer place to be for young children since 1951. Widely recognized as the best-in-class day camp in Westchester, Beth El remains the most fun, most trusted choice for young campers and their parents, year after year.

Children from ages 2-7 love the sports, swimming in the pool, music, arts & crafts, singing, dancing, nature, storytelling, yoga, karate, and much more!

Proudly accredited by the American Camp Association (ACA), we are also known for its nurturing environment, cutting-edge programming, and commitment to safety. We have the county’s finest, best-trained professional staff, and a very favorable child/staff ratio. 

Whether this is your child’s first camp experience or not, at Beth El everything begins with love and ends in fun. Don’t wait too long to sign up – spots fill up quickly. For an appointment or questions, please contact Julie Rockowitz, Director at (914) 235-2700, ext. 256 or


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SWIMMING: In the mornings, campers receive swimming instruction from American Red Cross certified staff in our own 30′ x 60′ solar heated outdoor pool. They also enjoy free-swim in the afternoons.

SPORTS: We focus on age-appropriate athletic and motor skills development. Children learn the fundamentals of soccer, kickball, softball, and basketball on our dedicated outdoor sports field. We emphasize teamwork in a non-competitive atmosphere.

THEME DAYS: Campers come back year after year for Theme Days: Carnival…Car Wash…Penguin Day…Israel Trip…Olympics…”Shabbat”…Truck Day…Guest Performances…and so much more you’ll wish you could stay here all day with them!

FREE PLAY/OUTDOORS: Children enjoy using our playground to climb, slide, run, play and use their imaginations to create their own fun and games.

ARTS AND CRAFTS: Beth El Day Camp features top arts and crafts instructors to keep children busy and engaged in creative projects.

YOGA: Not just for Mommies, yoga improves flexibility, promotes a positive, calm atmosphere, and a healthy state of mind. Our campers love it.

MUSIC AND DANCE: First came music. Then came dance. We introduce our campers to songs and dances from around the world, and watch as they develop confidence and a sense of rhythm.

SCIENCE AND NATURE: Kids are never too young to begin learning about the world around them. Our younger campers enjoy nature discovery walks, and older groups are treated to MAD SCIENCE.

HEALTHY KOSHER LUNCHES: We care about promoting healthy eating habits. Weekly barbecues feature famous Beth El burgers. We offer fresh fruit snacks. Our entire camp is nut-free. Wheat free options are our specialty

SAFETY/REGISTERED NURSE: A Registered Nurse is on the premises all day, and a doctor is on call.

Beth El Day Camp is proud to be accredited by The American Camp Association

The mission of the American Camp Association is to enrich the lives of children, youth and adults through the camp experience. American Camp Association accreditation is the best evidence parents have of a camp’s commitment to a safe, nurturing environment for their children. [continue…]



Hours and Schedules:

Customized half-day, extended-day, and full-day programs are available depending upon children’s age groups:

The 2-year-old program meets 3 mornings a week from 9am to noon.

The 3-year-old program runs Monday through Friday, 8:40am to 1pm, and includes lunch.

The 4-year-old group meets 5 days a week, from 8:40am to 2:15pm, 4-year-old children have the option of staying until 2:15pm or 4:00pm.

5- and 6-, 7-year-olds enjoy a full day/week of activities, through 4pm each day.

By popular demand, Beth El Day Camp has introduced an exciting new program for 8-year-old girls entering 3rd grade.

For an appointment or questions, please contact Julie Rockowitz, Director

at (914) 235-2700, ext. 256 or



OPENING DAY - Monday, June 26 8:40am - 3s, 4s, 5s, 6s, 7s, 8s

New Parent Orientation Wednesday, May 10 at 7:30pm

2s Parent (only) Info Night – Wednesday, June 14 8:00pm–8:45pm

2s Meet on Monday – June 26 4:45pm-5:15pm

2 Year Old OPENING DAY- Wednesday, June 28 9:00am

TOGETHER TUESDAY June 20 - Children and Staff meet

3s & 4s


Children whose last names begin with A-L

3s & 4s


Children whose last names begin with M-Z

5s, 6s, 7s & 8s


All Children





Friday, August 4

12:00pm Dismissal

Parents Invited, 11:00am-12 Noon


Friday, August 4

Regular Dismissal

Parents Invited, 9:05am-10:00am

4s until 2:15pm

Thursday, July 20

Regular 2:15pm Dismissal

Parents Invited, 9:05am-10:00am

4s until 4:00pm

Tuesday, July 18

Regular 4:00pm Dismissal

Parents Invited, 9:05am-10:00am


Thursday, August 3

Children stay late

Parents Invited, 5:00pm (sharp!)

6s, 7s & 8s

Wednesday, August 2

Children stay late

Parents Invited, 5:00pm (sharp!)



2s - 12:00pm

3s – 1:00pm

4s, 5s, 6s, 7s, 8s – 3:00pm


Fri, September 22 2017 2 Tishrei 5778