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Important Notice about Daily Minyan:  New Minyan Maker Sign Up Program

Dear Friends,

I want to begin by thanking you for the commitment that you have made to ensure that we have 3 minyanim a day. I know that this requires a great deal of effort and time. I am grateful and inspired by your steadfastness. I hope that you derive a sense of meaning and purpose from this commitment. Your efforts also make it possible for so many others to find solace and refuge in our minyan, in particular, when they need to say kaddish.

Sustaining our minyan has been a huge challenge that predated my arrival to Beth El. COVID has only made this challenge even more significant. One of my main goals for this coming year is to bring renewed energy to the minyan as well as more people. I am investing a great deal of time in this project with the hope that by next summer, we will see a marked increase in participation. I want to outline some changes to the minyan that are already underway and ask you for your input regarding others. 

We purchased a new app called Minyan Maker. This app will optimize the way we organize the daily minyan and eliminate all emails. Text alerts will be the main method of communication. We will stop using SignUpGenius and rely solely on this app beginning September 1. For those who might need help figuring out how to use this app, we will spend some time after each minyan next week to demonstrate how it works and to answer any questions. 

Please add your CELL PHONE and email to this document so we can start using the app by September 1. Please watch a video about how it works here

I have been meeting with the leaders of subcommunities at Beth El to ask them to support these efforts. My hope is that each subcommunity will enlist a volunteer from their group who will organize that subcommunity to take a day of the week, ensuring that 3 people attend minyan from that community. This would essentially be an ask of attending minyan one day every 2.5 months or so. I hope that they will support these efforts and I will keep you posted about our progress with them. I am also working to enlist some high school students to attend minyan regularly. 

I am developing a short video that is intended to be a powerful tool in reminding people of the significance of our minyan and inspire them to make a commitment to it. We will use this video 

internally and on social media, as we hope to reach people from outside of Beth El who say kaddish in our minyan as well. The video will probably be completed by November or December.

I am setting up one-on-one meetings with individuals who came to minyan daily during their period of mourning, as well as people who come to mark a yahrzeit every year with the hope that they will make a commitment to sustain the minyan that was/is here for them when they need it. As you can imagine, this is very time intensive, but I hope over the next few months we will see more people coming to minyan as a result.

You are important to the success of these efforts. We often receive feedback from those who are not regulars, that minyan feels unwelcoming to them. Many people enter the space very insecure about not knowing Hebrew, not knowing when to stand or sit, and being unable to follow the service. Simply walking over to someone and saying hello, introducing yourself, and inviting them to join for coffee after minyan in the morning (there is often a group that has coffee together) makes a massive difference. Inviting someone to sit with you the next time they attend is also really important. Just because one person walks over to say hello does not mean others should not. It is appropriate to do this during the service itself. 

We would like your input regarding a few questions. Please click here to take our survey (which only takes 30 seconds). We believe that the minyan belongs to the community, so we would like to be sure that you also shape these changes, not just the clergy team. 

Thank you for all of your support. We are working hard to bring renewed energy to our minyan. Feel free to reach out to me and/or Cantor Gaby with any questions.


Rabbi David A. Schuck

Here are the instuctions on how to use Minyan Maker.

Tue, February 7 2023 16 Shevat 5783