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Daf Shevui

Dr. Joshua Kulp, Senior Talmud Faculty (online instruction), Conservative Yeshiva, Jerusalem.

Material is Distributed by United Synagogue of Conservative Judiasim (USCJ)

Daf Shevui, the only Daf (page)-of-Talmud-a-week program.   

In the past year we completed Masekhet (Tractate) Sukkah. Each week another page of talmud with English translations can be downloaded so that in slightly over a year we will study yet another tractate together. What a painless way to study talmud… Engaging group study sessions filled with lively discussions  take place weekly, on Shabbat afternoons, after services, in the Library. New participants can sign up at, follow instructions to register.

No background required.  Please join us!


Mon, March 8 2021 24 Adar 5781