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Below please find our COVID-19 safety protocols as of July 30, 2021. Because the situation is ever-changing, this page may be updated without advance notice.

Hopefully, a great majority of us who are eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine have been able to get it. Nevertheless, every day we encounter stories, whether in the news or through our friends and families, about people who were fully vaccinated testing positive. The good news is that scientists almost universally agree that the vaccine works - the vast majority of vaccinated people who test positive experience mild cold- or flu-like symptoms, and many are even asymptomatic. However, the Delta variant is highly contagious, and we cannot say for sure that it is not dangerous to even fully vaccinated people who are vulnerable because of their age, compromised immune system, or other comorbidities. Also, please keep in mind that the vaccine is not yet available to our children under the age of 12. Therefore, please be aware of the following policies:



While we are no longer using the COVID online symptom screening check-in form, it is critical that you monitor how you and your children are feeling before coming to Beth El. If you, or anyone in your immediate household, are experiencing any symptoms of ill health, you must not come to the building, even if people are relying on you to make a minyan, participate in a service or just to keep them company. Health for you and our community comes first, and we will adjust to your absence.

We appreciate your signing up for services on the synagogue website.



All people over the age of 2, while inside the building, must wear a mask covering their mouth and nose, regardless of vaccination status.

Any individual may attend outdoor services and programs without a mask, including unvaccinated children.

Anyone attending an outdoor service or program must have a mask available to them to wear if they need to enter the building to use the restroom or for any other reason.

Clergy or individual congregants, while davening or speaking alone from the bima extension,  center bima or main bima, may be unmasked. 



In general, we encourage vaccinated people from different households to maintain at least six feet of distance from others. Unvaccinated people are required to maintain at least six feet distance from those not in their households.

We encourage people to leave the sanctuary after services as quickly as possible, and continue their conversations outdoors

During the Torah service multiple people may be at the center bima, all masked, including the Torah reader.



The wall separating the Crystal (middle) ballroom from the Fayer ballroom is closed

The door to the Sukkah Garden is open

Pods of between one and six chairs are set up throughout the sanctuary, each pod at least 6 feet apart from neighboring pods. Please be sensitive to those who are not comfortable sitting next to someone outside of their immediate household by first asking if it’s okay to sit next to someone in the same pod.


Sat, October 16 2021 10 Cheshvan 5782