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The Sylvia & Robert Scher Chesed Community 

The world is based on three things:

Torah study of our sacred texts.
Avodah dutiful obedience, serving God through our prayers.
Gemilut Chasadim active loving kindness towards others.

– Pirkei Avot 1:2

Purpose of the Chesed Community:

As a congregation we have a primary commitment and obligation to perform acts of chesed both within and outside of our congregational community.

As we fulfill our obligation and perform acts of Gemilut Chasadim we become models for our children. They will learn the importance and the personal and communal rewards of this Mitzvah.

Through our Chesed Community, we at Beth El hope to make it easier to bring our members together to acknowledge the joyful moments in our lives, comfort the sorrowful in meaningful ways, or bring companionship to those who may be lonely.

It is the purpose of the Chesed Community to provide services, resources and support to congregants in time of sadness and joy, therefore creating and maintaining a sense of connection with others and with God.

The Ways We Care:

  • Driving:
    • to a cemetery
    • to shopping
    • to the doctor
    • to Beth El
  • Telephoning – Telecare:
    • the homebound
    • the bereaved
  • Holiday Assistance:
    • to build a sukkah
    • to prepare for Pesach
    • to hear the Shofar
    • to light Chanukah candles
  • Bereavement:
    • supplying a meal during Shiva
  • S’machot:
    • cooking meals following the birth of a baby
    • simcha acknowledgments:
    • bar/bat Mitzvah, births and anniversaries
  • Bikur Cholim – Visiting the Sick:
    • hospital visits
    • home visits

The Chesed Community volunteers are available to provide support to individuals and families. All activities are intergenerational and always confidential. Also, for the Chesed Community to function effectively, we need people with administrative skills in computer, publicity and bulletin articles. Please contact us to volunteer.

Whenever the Chesed Community can play a role in your lives, please contact us. Help us to be of service to our congregants.

Once the Gere Rebbe decided to question one of his disciples: “How is Moshe Yaakov doing?” The disciple didn’t know. ‘What!’ shouted the Rebbe, ‘You don’t know? You pray under the same roof? You study the same book? You serve the same God?- yet you dare tell me that you don’t know how Moshe Yaakov is whether he needs help or advice or comforting? How can that be?’ Here lies the very essence of our way of life: every person must share in every other person’s life, we must not be alone in sorrow or in joy.


Have you been the lucky recipient of a phone call on a Thursday or Friday, wishing you Shabbat Shalom? A new initiative of the Sylvia and Robert Scher Chesed Community, Shabbat Shmooze, is the synagogue’s newest initiative to reach out to all of our congregants, young and old, new and old, to wish them Shabbat Shalom and just to shmooze for a few minutes.

We hope you will welcome our caller. At the time of the call, if you have any questions about things at Beth El, want to share anything with our caller, or even if you have a complaint, please open up and let us know! We are a big institution, and this is one way we can try to make it a bit smaller. If you’d like to be a caller, please let us know.

Ellen Gelboim,, 914-723-0633
Sandy Gruenberg,, 914-633-9060

Tue, February 7 2023 16 Shevat 5783