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Committees and Interest Groups

Below please find a list of committees and interests groups at Beth El Synagogue Center.

Click here for the Committee Sign-up Sheet.

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Adult Education (Limmud) – Aims to promote intellectual, social and personal growth of our members by providing a variety of educational programs at all levels of ability and interests. Meets seasonally as needed.  Committee Chair: Rabbi Zach Sitkin (

Audit and Finance – Supervises the finances of the congregation, develops and presents the annual budget. Selects auditor. Meets several times per year. Committee Chair: Barbara Cohen (

Awards and Scholarships – Establishes and maintains awards and scholarships for the Religious School and summer program. Meets seasonally. Committee Chair: Lauren Berger (

Bikkur Cholim  - In Judaism, paying a visit to the sick, or bikkur cholim, isn't just a nice thing to do, it is a commandment. At Beth El, we take this obligation seriously. We formed a committee of dedicated volunteers who visit home-bound seniors, make trips to the hospital, and provide meals to families and congregants in need. Committee Chair: Barbara Finder (

Catering/Kiddush – Negotiates and manages the catering contract. Committee Chairs: Lori Schwartz (, Geralynn Reifer and Barbara Horowitz (

Cemetery – Manages the sale of cemetery plots and arranges all matters related to interment. Meets as needed. Committee Chairs: Joe Wygoda ( 

Chesed Community – This committee brings members together to acknowledge joyful moments, comfort the sorrowful, bring companionship to those who may be lonely, and assistance to those in need. Volunteers, including team leaders, are needed for such services as driving to doctors appointments; telephoning the homebound; holiday assistance such as preparing for Pesach or building a sukkah; preparation of meals for the bereaved; providing a daily minyan at home; bikkur cholim (visiting the sick) at home or hospital; cooking meals for families with new babies. Committee Chairs: Susan Wolman ( and Joyce Wechsler ( 

College-Age – Join us in our mission to keep our children connected to our synagogue, to Israel, and to the greater Jewish community by sending our college-age children and grandchildren holiday packages, important synagogue e-mails, and publications that are pertinent to Jewish campus life. Contact Debra Ackerman at, or Elissa Glickman at

Constitution – Advises the Executive Council and Board of Trustees regarding the interpretation and application of synagogue constitution and recommends and evaluates proposed constitutional amendments. Meets as needed. Committee Chairs: Nadine Jacobson (

Day Camp – Establishes policy and procedures for the Beth El Summer Camp and monitors admission and hiring practices. Meets monthly as necessary.

Endowment – Oversees the investment and disbursement of endowment funds. Meets quarterly. A motion passed by the Board of Trustees restricts membership to seven people. Committee Chair: Barbara Cohen (

Financial Arrangements – Resolves and adjusts funds owed by Synagogue members. Reviews special financial arrangements. Meets as needed. Committee Chair: Ellen Barlis (

Fundraising – Raises needed funds for the synagogue, including annual events and special initiatives. Meets as required. Committee Chair: Sam Berger (

Green Initiative – Commitment to environmental sustainability has been, and continues to be, an important principle at Beth El. In 2009, Beth El purchased solar panels to increase energy efficiency. In 2020Beth El entered an even greener era, successfully implementing Phase 1 of a 3-phase waste reduction program that will ultimately encompass all aspects of synagogue life.

High Holiday honors – Assigns High Holiday honors in the main sanctuary. Committee Chairs: Edward Schwartz ( and Linda Newman (

Human Resources – Develops and implements employment policies for synagogue staff. Committee Chairs: Sam Berger ( and Steve Schwartz (

Interreligious Council – Fosters the communality and interests among the various religious groups in our community to promote understanding, education and harmony. There are three general meetings, plus a community awards dinner and an ecumenical Thanksgiving service. Committee Chair: Marjorie Seidenfeld ( and Elissa Glickman (

Israel Affairs – Encourages cultural, political and educational programs and activities in support of the people of Israel. Committee Chair: Bruce Gold ( and Tamar Tait (

Kallah Retreat Committee - A multi-generational community shabbat and weekend full of ruach and camaraderie. Committee Chair: Talia Swartz Nagar ( and Jenny Longman (

Keruv (Inclusion/Special Needs) – Keruv means inclusion. This committee serves to ensure that both longtime and new members feel welcome to and comfortable at Beth El. Committee Chair: Carrie Fox (

Major Maintenance – Attends to the daily maintenance and operation of the physical plant. Responsible for purchasing, installation, management and operation of all capital equipment. Meets weekly and as needed. Committee Chairs: Aaron Fleishaker ( and Joseph Wygoda (

Membership – Provides a welcome package and develops both activities and outreach to new members. Follow-up is also made to members who resign to continually improve how we serve our members. Meets as necessary. Committee Chairs: Carrie Fox ( and Allison Kellman (

Men's Club – The Beth El Men’s Club continues to serve the social, spiritual and communal needs of Beth El. We cannot plan events without a membership, funds and your suggestions. Please join the Men’s Club! There are some core programs that will be sponsored by the Men’s Club, and I am sure that there are activities that you would like to see. Contact Steven Young at

Nursery School Board and Parent Association – Establishes policy and procedures for the Nursery School and monitors its enrollment practices. Many of the board’s positions are filled by parents with children in the Nursery School, but this is not a requirement. Parents organize many social and fundraising activities throughout the year. At board meetings, parents have the opportunity to discuss ideas, issues and concerns they may have. The board offers you a way to show your support for the Nursery School and have a good time with friends and other Nursery School parents. Meets frequently throughout the school year. Committee Co-Presidents: Joanna Esterow ( and Gayle Salama (

Religious School Board – Establishes policy and procedures for the Beth El Religious School and Community Hebrew High School and monitors the quality of their programs. Meets monthly. Committee Chair: Ryan Enis (

Ritual – Plans and supervises all activities and services of a religious nature carried on by or affecting the congregation. Membership is composed of the synagogue clergy and members of the congregation. Relevant issues and topics are discussed and reviewed at meetings, where any member can submit a topic, in advance, for consideration on the agenda. The committee meets six times per year. Committee Chair: Brian Bosworth (

Senior Mature Adults Retired Together (SMART Group) – A group for the seniors in our community to come together and build lasting friendships. Contact Julie Rockowitz 914.235.2700 x256 or

Security – Evaluates, plans and executes the security arrangements for the synagogue’s facility. Meets as necessary. Committee Chairs: Michael Dorfman ( and Russ Fayer (

Sisterhood – Enriches our lives with: friendships and Jewish experiences, intellectual pursuits, and community service. Sisterhood provides funding for: Annual $10,000 gift check for Beth El, Youth and Adult Educational Programs, Kiddush Lunch in the Sukkah, Green Team, New Rochelle HOPE Soup Kitchen, Shabbat Shiva Dinners for bereaved families, Women’s League, B’nai Mitzvah gifts for Beth El celebrants, Tech equipment for the Religious School, and more! President: Sandy Gruenberg at

Ushering – Our ushers seek to welcome all congregants and make them feel comfortable in our services, as well as ensure that decorum is observed during services. Meetings are as needed. Volunteers are needed for High Holiday services, Shabbat and Festival services, and Friday Night and Sunday bat mitzvah celebrations. Committee Chair: Debbie Young ( )


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