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Programming for our Youth, Teens, and Tots will make the High Holidays engaging for the whole family.

We will continue our proud tradition of providing high-level youth services and experiences, for all age groups, including special online activities which will allow our younger members to enjoy the holidays in interactive ways. Some of our teens and youth have also participated in our community-wide High Holiday virtual services (during the torah reading and kol nidre torah processional). For our teens, there will be opportunities to be together, outdoors, for discussion sessions and other holiday programming. See below for more details!

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This is a year like none other. Hearing the sound of children running through our halls and the organized chaos of kids learning and praying together in our youth services is the highlight of our High Holiday experience. We are saddened by our inability to celebrate and observe the High Holidays in-person as we have done for decades. And, we are also incredibly grateful that we can still create moments for meaning and connection even in these challenging times.

With that in mind, we put together six, ten minute videos that we call our youth "moments" (since they are opportunities for connection and prayer) that touch on the topics of: Blessings, Shema, Shofar, Torah, New Year, and Al Chet. These are opportunities, in addition to our Shirat HaRuach inter-generational service (information below), for families to engage with the clergy as well as other talented educators from our community. These "moments" include words of Torah, inspirational music, and interactive activities that can be done virtually from home. We hope that these moments will give you a chance to connect to the themes of the holiday in fun and innovative ways. Please join us!


Take in the melodies of the High Holidays with this music playlist. While you're cooking holiday meals, playing games, cleaning, setting your tables, or even enjoying your morning coffee these songs will help get your entire family in the spirit of the holidays. High Holiday Youth and Family Playlist >

Fri, September 25 2020 7 Tishrei 5781